Meal Service Case Studies

See how we’ve supported clients and their families, and the difference we’ve made to their lives through our Meal Service.

Case Study 1: Frances

Frances is 94 years old and receives LILS’ meals seven days a week. She was referred to us by her sheltered housing manager because she was having difficulty managing to cook for herself. “Now I’ve got myself on meals on wheels and I wouldn’t change it!” said Frances.

“As soon as I got the first meal I knew they were it. I’m very particular about what I eat, but I enjoy the meals because they taste like home cooking and keep me healthy - I never get sick.”

Frances tells us that she has a good relationship with the Community Team Members who come to visit her; “The drivers are always so polite and friendly. I’m always telling people ‘I’ve got a great meal coming in every day. Why would you do all that hard work when you can have it come right to your door?’” she said. “I’d recommend them to the Queen!”

Case Study 2: Hazel

When Hazel’s meals on wheels provider closed down, she was left feeling anxious about her future. Much to Hazel’s relief, a new service soon started in Haringey: LILS. Like many others, Hazel needs help with her meals due to chronic pain. She told us, "I have severe arthritis which makes it really difficult to prepare a meal – I can’t get the jars open so I usually just give up." Hazel also faces challenges in getting out to the shops to buy food: "I’m not allowed to drive anymore because of my eyesight, so when I go to the supermarket I can only get so much," she says. "I would have to survive on a sandwich and a cup of tea rather than a hot meal." But Hazel has found more than just a meal in LILS. Unfortunately, many of Hazel’s family and friends have moved away but knowing that the LILS team are there gives her some peace of mind.

"The Meals on Wheels team are the only people I know I could get hold of if I needed something."

She told us, "I know [the team] so well now, they ask about me and I ask about them too. It’s nice to have someone you trust knocking on the door because it might be the only person you see that day."

Case Study 3: Pete

Pete, 62, had reservations before joining LILS’ meals on wheels service. However, he had been rapidly losing weight as a result of his arthritis, which had made cooking extremely tiresome and painful. “It got to a point where my family were really worried about how much weight I had been losing,” Pete told us. After receiving our meals service for just a few months, Pete wanted to let us know how much his life had improved; “I love the meals,” he said, “and my driver Matthew will always go out of his way to help me, he’s a proper gentleman.” Pete is now slowly returning to a healthy weight, and is glad he looked past his initial reservations.

“I thought it was about relying on a service, but it’s actually made me more independent.”

Case Study 4: Patricia

Patricia joined our LILS service in late March 2018. Having been distressed when her previous meals on wheels provider suddenly ceased delivery, she contacted Haringey council to seek an alternative service and was relieved to discover that LILS could meet her needs.

“It was simple to join and after trialling it, I definitely wanted meals seven days a week.”

Patricia has developed a strong friendship with her regular driver Rosie, who often goes out of her way to accommodate Patricia’s schedule. Patricia has been delighted with the service, and “thoroughly recommends LILS and hopes many more folk get in touch!”