Nutrition and Wellbeing Checks (currently available only in Haringey)

Please note that this service is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

Nutrition and Wellbeing Referral Form 

Our Nutrition and Wellbeing Service aims to tackle malnutrition in Haringey by carrying out Nutrition and Wellbeing checks. The service is provided in partnership with Haringey Council and is free of charge to anyone living in Haringey.

A member of the Nutrition and Wellbeing team will visit the client in their own home to carry out the Nutrition and Wellbeing check. The visit will include a height and weight check and questions about general health, diet and lifestyle. Individualised dietetic and nutritional advice will be given, and information will be provided about other services that might be useful. Ongoing support will be available as needed.

Download a PDF of our Nutrition and Wellbeing Service Flyer.

How to arrange a Nutrition and Wellbeing Check

We accept self-referrals as well as referrals from family members, health care professionals and social workers.

To organise a visit, please fill out a Nutrition and Wellbeing Referral Form and email it to [email protected].

“I wanted to thank you for your visit with Ms R, she was very pleased with her visit and the information you have given her.”

-Care Navigator