Meals on Wheels Service

“For a lot of older people in the borough, LILS drivers might be the only people they see all day. LILS can be there if they collapse, or if they need referring to a social service. Not everyone is lucky to have someone care for them, which is why the service is so great. I’m glad LILS does this.”

-The Worshipful Mayor of Haringey, Cllr Adamou 

“I cannot say how grateful I am for your service. Your delivery person found my Mum on the floor of her flat one day, called your office and waited with her until the ambulance came. Your services are absolutely brilliant. Really cannot thank you enough.” 

 -Daughter of client 

“I'm extremely grateful for this service, especially the kindness and patience of the people delivering the meals.” 

 -Family member of client 

“Your service to my aunt was always very good. Unfortunately, as her appetite declined during the past year, she was not eating the food you were providing so, regrettably we had to cancel your visits. I must emphasise, though, that this was certainly not a reflection of your staff, whose attitude was always excellent.” 

-Niece of client 

“I’d like to thank you all for your hard work and excellent service. My dad is now eating properly, putting on weight and has regained his appetite.” 

-Daughter of client

Lunch Club Service

“The tenants really enjoyed it. There was something really joyful about sharing a Christmas dinner together. The food was lovely with very good portions. All in all, it was a great success!” 

 -Sean, Sheltered Housing Manager 

“The Christmas lunches were lovely; and were really good value for money. Nice and hot, and good reviews from tenants.” 

 -Sheltered Housing Manager